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      Advice on close or wide ratio T56

      63' Belair Wagon, 481" W motor, might be around 550HP/550TQ, 9" rear with 3.89's and about a 28" tall tire. Might see one auto cross event and one trip to the drags per year... mostly going to be for getting groceries and carting the kids around school/practice. The engine will be mostly done by 6000 rpm. Kinda leaning towards the wide ratio as the 1st gear will be fun, and I have enough torque to pull it in the other gears that I don't need to keep the R's way up. For those with a wide ratio - are you pretty happy with the ratio spread or do you find yourselves wishing it was a bit closer? And for those with the close ratio - are you constantly shifting? I don't want something that requires me shifting 3 times before I get to the end of an intersection.

      Thanks in advance,