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    Thread: TC lock up

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      Mar 2015
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      TC lock up

      Hi all I just put a 4l60E behind my BBC in a 68 Camaro. Motor on the dyno was just under 700HP running a 373 rear gear and 27" tall tire with a 3000 stall TC. I'm using US Shift to control the 4L60E not sure where I should set the TC lock up at.

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      Aug 2007
      On my LS swaps with a 4L60E due to the number of 40 mph speed limits around where we live I don't engage 4th gear or lock up until 45 mph.

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      Nov 2006
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      I have an 80e, 3.40 gears, 28" tall tires and a 26-2800 stall in a squarebody. Holley controlled.
      My motor is not as radical as your though, mine is a cammed L92.
      I have mine to lockup in 3rd and 4th.
      It locks up at 44mph and 1800 rpm, unlocks at 1300.

      So if I know I wont get over 45 or so for a while, I just keep it in 3rd gear.
      It will stay locked up in third down to about 32mph.
      This makes a big difference in trans temps.

      Good Luck.