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    Thread: Custom 55 Chevy

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      Jul 2006

      Custom 55 Chevy

      Me and my dad are thinking about the 55 we picked up last year. Donít have the time or money to finish....

      full kugel show polish chassis
      712 cubic inch kinsler injected and plumbed for nitrous made just under 1000hp on the dyno
      turbo 400 with gear vendors and paddle shifters (polished)
      polished Wilwood brakes
      chopped 1.5
      custom throughout
      electric assist brakes
      budnik wheels
      polished aluminum driveline

      still needs a lot of work
      the hood hinges are a cool idea but need re worked or scrapped
      no brake or fuel lines ran
      no gauges or wiring

      asking 60k which is a great deal for the money invested


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      Well the one pic is a picture of the air ride controller I didn’t mean to attach...

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      This is the baddest 55 I’ve seen! Wish I could afford it.

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      Quote Originally Posted by JTrevor View Post
      This is the baddest 55 I’ve seen! Wish I could afford it.

      thanks, will definitely be one of the best 55 built if it’s finished off right!