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      Jan 2008

      LSA what mods? LSA into 70 Camaro swap question / parts

      Hey guys,

      Looking for some input. Finally getting around to getting this car done...

      70 Camaro, LSA, T56, ridetech...

      1. LSA... since itís out of the car, what mods do you guys suggest? Which pulley? Etc
      Dont want to change the heads atm. Cam, injectors?

      Suggestions on which mid/long tube headers to run?
      I was thinking hooker PART# 70101312-RHKR

      Oil pan thinking Holley Pan 302-1

      Gas tank / pump thinking Holley 19-158 fuel tank (notched)Aerometer intank Fuel pump

      Is it possible to utilize the factory ac unit on the LSA with a Vintage air setup?

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