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      1965 Mustang DSE Project

      Things happen and priorities change so I would like to turn this into money to use for other things. I absolutely do not need to sell it. I can finish it for someone here at the shop.

      The car was reasonably solid for a midwest Mustang. Needed a few things in the floors. The doors have some previous repairs in them and there are some small rust spots in the 1/4 panels. I planned on wrapping the car and it was going to be my track rat go fast car so I wasn't really worried about those things.

      Detroit Speed everything. Front and rear suspension along with their Supertank 1000 with a fuel pump controller from VaporWorx. Double adjustable JRi shocks without reservoirs. That's nearly $17,000 in parts.

      Engine trans mounts are setup for a Dry Sumped LSx and a T56 with a stock F body bellhousing. I have this engine available and can supply a trans and related parts if you want. I will not sell the engine separately.

      Used an uber overkill GMR 9" housing with 3.25" axle tubes along with GMR full floating hubs. I have a Strange aluminum center section, 3:70 gear and a 35 spline S Trac that goes with it along with the 35 spline axles.

      BrakeMan brakes all around. 13" front and 12" rear.

      Formula 43 18x11 wheels with some old 315 Rivals. These fit great in the rear, the front will take some fender work, I had a set of Maier flared fender and they were close to working as is.

      Fab work, I made the firewall to push the engine back as far as I could reasonable. The DSE subframe connectors were already installed when I tried to make seats work so I cut the top off of them and used the ones from US car tool instead. Made my own panhard brackets to get the bar as low as possible. and a bunch of other little stuff. Like the clutch master and roll bar.

      So, 25K gets you a roller with all the sheetmetal, wheels and tires, and brakes. More pics here. https://frameupwheelworks.smugmug.co...cts/66-Mustang

      Support your local hot rod shop!