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      Dec 2002

      The Nashville SuperSpeedway is coming back to life!

      After many years of sitting dormant, we have now been hearing race teams practicing out on the Nashville SuperSpeedway again! This is music to our ears as gearheads. I used to love sitting in my office hearing them run a decade ago. When the track shut down, I was so bummed out. Now we hear them screaming around the track again - hooray! They are much quieter now though, apparently being forced to run some mufflers. No matter how much the exhausts have been muffled, you can still clearly hear the engine's rotating mass screaming at max blast RPM's - love it! I have heard that the first race in June is already sold out (bummer), but they are going to be installing all new further grand stands to accommodate vastly larger crowds for further races. It is a bummer that the NHRA backed out of commitment, as I was very much looking forward to them building a full tilt 1/4 mile strip. There were also plans on setting up a serious road course. Unfortunately Wilson County (in their infinite wisdom) has sucked up the land where the drag strip and the road course were going to be, and have now put warehouses there. THAT is a major bummer for me. I do believe that they will still use pit row as an 1/8 mile drag strip as they did many years ago. They used to call this the Adrenaline Drags, and these locals would run anything and everything down that track - souped up quads, race bikes, semi tractor drag rigs, even drag race modified snowmobiles. If that happens again, you know where you will always find me on Friday nights!

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