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      rookie '67 Camaro build in Alabama

      Hello, I'm Scott. Brand new to the Camaro world.
      I bought a nice driver condition '67 that I plan to restomod.
      I am a complete rookie when it comes to Camaro builds. This is the first one I have ever owned. Honestly I have always been a Ford guy that really liked the Camaro so I decided it was time to build one. I have so much to learn.

      I do have some previous build experience. A couple of my current cars are a Factory Five Cobra with a coyote crate motor, tko-600, and IRS drivetrain. That was my first ever build. My only previous automotive experience experience was changing my oil in high school 25 years prior. Jumped in with both feet on that one and am really pleased how it turned out. Recently passed 10,000 miles on it and it has been a great experience. After that I did a full restoration on a 1979 Porsche 911. That was much more complex for me tearing down and restoring vs starting with all new parts on the Cobra. I have been enjoying driving the 911 since I completed it a year ago.

      I really enjoy learning new stuff and trying to advance my skills as a car guy. I like to kind jump in over my head and learn as I go on these builds. The Camaro really appeals to me because it is very different from anything I have previously done. A great chance to learn new stuff. I am a big fan of the helpful people I have found on the forums to help educate me on the last two builds which brings me here.

      The Camaro build!
      Plan Is for a roadster shop chassis, mini tubs in the rear from detroit speed, LS3 495HP crate motor, T-56. Chassis, motor and transmission are ordered. Motor and Trans coming tomorrow. It will be about 4 months until the chassis shows up. (getting the motor now because I travel for a living and will be home for a couple weeks. Delivery is always an issue with my travel schedule so I figured I would save myself some hassle and get it here while I am home even though it will just sit in the corner for a while) I build these cars in my basement workshop garage and have a 2 post lift down there.

      I have zero interest in doing my own body and paint. I really enjoy the mechanical aspects of the build and doing the interiors but do not want to touch the exterior. The last two builds I have spent a considerable amount on very nice paint jobs. That has been great but in both cases has taken a very long time because the shop I trust to use has a ton of work. They do spectacular work but there is generally a very long timeline and I am paying for the quality they are providing. I thought to myself if I buy a car that does not need paint and body I could save myself time and money in the long run. With that in mind I found a very nicely restored car with a very nice body. (Honestly I think I am somewhat crazy taking this nice car apart!) Certainly paid up front for that and now find myself in the disassembly phase taking a lot of barely used parts off. Hope to sell what I can.

      Currently I have taken the interior out Floors looked good from underneath but you never know what is under the carpet. Was very pleased with what I found. Now I am basically working on stripping it all down and removing the front and rear suspension and then I will work on the mini tubs.

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