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      Mar 2021

      Hi, I'm new here

      Hi everyone, thanks for letting me participate in the forum. I participate on some other forums for my other hobby / habit, hifi stereo, and they are very helpful and fun. I am in the process of resurrecting my 1969 Firebird from years of storage, and some questionable work I did in my late teens. Turns out it is expensive to undo all those bad decisions from the 80's. The car has a solid Pontiac 400, and it's getting a new intake, roller rockers, and Holley Sniper fuel injection. I also ditched all my mismatched pulleys and cobbled up brackets for a serpentine belt system and electric fan. I replaced the manual steering box with a Lee Power Steering box too. I'm waiting for the arrival of a Detroit speed speed 2 front end kit, and a speed 1 rear end kit. I have a 9" rear end housing on order too. I had previously installed a 9" in the car around 1990, but the rear end was too wide for the car. I compensated for that with wheels with a huge amount of back spacing, and it worked fine, but didn't look the best. To tie it all together, I bought a Tremec 6 speed with hydraulic clutch from Silver sport transmissions. I also got a brake package from Wilwood including front and rear disc brakes, so it stops as good as it goes. I can hardly wait to get behind the wheel once it's done. I'll post up some pictures soon.

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      Jan 2000
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      Welcome to the site!

      It sounds like things are headed in the right direction. You should start a build thread and share your journey with everyone.
      Larry Callahan
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      Apr 2001
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      Welcome aboard! Plenty of nice folks here with plenty of knowledge. You'll like it here.

      Carl Wilson
      1968 Camaro - T-56 6 speed - 383 Stroker, 2014 Mustang GT seats