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      Feb 2021

      700R4 Transmission


      I have a 1991 C1500 silverado. 350 /700r4 trans. TBI SET UP I think my cable is set right from pushing the plunger all the way back then pressed my gas to the floor. Problem is It shifts into what feels like 4TH/OD but all b4 you get to 28 30 mph and then keep going up to 55 60 but it dont shift out then to what should be od at that speed. I have put a new Gov. New VSS Sensor, New brake switch Tried a new cable, changed fluid and filter and nothing changed. Its fine if you want to cluck around 40 45 but I wouldnt want to ride it on the interstate like this. You can tell at 55 60 it needs that one more shift and rpms to go down somewhat. So with all that done. No change, So I unhooked the tv cable from the carb. and tried it just for a mile or so and even then it made no change in the way it had been shifting. Same thing. You would think that should have made a big or some difference in the shifting part with the tv cable unhooked from the carb. completely. I need Help... Ps while riding after it has went to od at 30 35 i can hold my foot on the gas while pressing lightly on the brake and you can fell it unlocking/rpms rise a little and I also dont have passing gear. It will kick back down to 3rd while pressing the gas to say go up a small hill then shift out as u let off the gas about 45 46 but still no passing gear and dont shift on out. All Help Appreciated. I dont know what else to do. Its my only ride so i need some help. Even used Lucas Transmission when i changed fluid and filter. I just need some Help here...