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      Machine shop reccomendations near Leavenworth WA

      Hi guys-

      I've found myself moving cross country from the burbs of Detroit Mi to the village of Leavenworth WA. Located in North Central WA, I'm snowed in from Thanksgiving to, well it seems we are starting to thaw right about now, So it's time to start planning for next winter's (Insert voice of Faruq from BatteBots) It's Engine Buildin' Time

      Anyway, I like unusual engines. One I'd like to work on is a Ford 2.9 from a Merkur (think early Ranger). What I'm looking for is a quality machine shop that will be willing to work on these oddballs, somewhere close to where I live. There may be good machine shops next door, but I'm new to the area and don't know people or players here.

      So any help with suggestions for an engine machine shop? Have block- will travel. Hoping for something within 100 miles


      Greg Fast
      (yes, the last name is spelled correctly)

      1970 Camaro RS Clone
      1984 el Camino
      1973 MGB vintage E/Prod race car
      (Soon to be an SCCA H/Prod limited prep)