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      Can a muffler be too large diameter to effectively silence the exhaust

      In my Chevelle I have a 3.6 liter engine with a 2.5 system, an X pipe and dual 2.5 in/out mufflers. The mufflers are 50 series Flowmasters.

      For comparison, a 1970 Cadillac Deville with a 7.7 liter engine uses a 2.5 system with wye pipe to single 2.5 in/out muffler. Probably a pretty darn restrictive muffler too.

      My car is too loud for me as a driver. Mostly drone. And being a V6 its not like is has a real good sound anyway.

      Ive seen mufflers that have smaller outlets than inlets and wonder why. Im also wondering if dual 2.5 system is too large for 3.6 liters.

      Im leaning towards Dynamax Super Turbo mufflers and am wondering if I should stay with 2.5 or reduce down to dual 2.25 or even 2.

      If I do change mufflers size it will be just the mufflers. The rest of the system will stay 2.5. Will my tail pipes to the bumper amplify sound from a smaller outlet muffler?

      Any experience or thoughts?
      1966 Chevelle, 3.6L/217 CI, 4 cam direct injected V6, 6 speed auto, full Hotchkis suspension, 4 wheel Wilwood discs, white w/red interior, cowl hood. 3260 lbs w/full tank. Built for 35 mpg. So far 32.