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      Feb 2021

      New member here. How you doing?

      How you guys doing??. Names Andre, I work in supply chain management and always had a soft spot for the C4 generation Vettes. I've had my 6-speed C4 for some time now but recently started modding it and slowly turning it in to a Pro Touring / Canyon carving monster. I made the switch from the European car world and had the pleasure of owning some nice example of what Europe had to offer, M3's, M5's, 635csi, 996 911, Bosxter S and some others to mention a few. This is my first domestic and have been learning about it for a little while living in Southern California (originally from NYC) and I try to drive the mountain roads every week because thats what these cars were meant to do and it's my stress reliever. None of my cars are/were garage queens and gets driven daily and also competitively driven at road coarse and car club events/drives (except for last year and now...damn you Covid!).

      -Roads I drive on (in CA)- GMR, AFH, Latigo Canyon Rd, Stunt Rd, Piuma Rd etc.
      -IG- ExoticsNYC
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