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      Tucked wheel look help

      Hey fellas, I know this question has been asked hundreds of times but hope my specificity will prevent me from getting casted out of this village lol. I've been doing days and days of searching and researching through uncountable forums and threads trying to find advice/recommendations for the right backspacing for the look I'm trying to achieve before posting this with my tail tucked. Ive zoomed into posted pics, searched the wheel fitment databases that I've come across and even emailed car builders to get the answers but with no avail. Most of the cars I saw on these large wheel fitment threads didn't have the wheel tuck look i want, and if they did, they're were heavily modified with after market front wheel wells, mini tubbed and/or rolled lips (like the cars below).

      I have a 73 Camaro that i'm thinking either 18s or 19s X 8.5 fronts and 20x10 rears. I know I will have to roll the front fender lips and modify the wheel well where the lip meets to get that tucking clearance but i don't want to mini tub it (just cuz) nor rolling the rear fender lip (don't like the look of the wheel that far out). I don't mind beating in the seatbelt humps to go wider in though. I know I'm sounding like a diva here lol.

      What backspacing do you guys suggest/ recommended to get tucked wheel/tire look I'm so desperately searching for?Name:  2d19b375e35d303a322b9399c0000138.jpg
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Size:  248.1 KBName:  collage_lb_image_page22_63_1.png
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Size:  426.5 KBName:  00e9787939566e375409c44e3a88d07a.jpg
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Size:  184.8 KBName:  b6f6b28a77ba2916fb05661f4796f381.jpg
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