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      Modern style window tracks?

      I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to retrofit newer style car window tracks into an older car like an older muscle car. The newer car stuff seems much more easier to deal with like adjusting windows compared to the original style.

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      Given that this is a week old, I'm guessing no. Too bad because I am curious as well.
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      Just the tracks? or the whole regulator? Seems like alot of newer cars are using cable operated motors/regulators. I dont see why it would be too difficult to retrofit something from a car with a similar height window travel. If its the tracks or guides youre looking to modernize, keep your original track but replace the whiskers with a more modern felt that holds the window a bit tighter.
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      Modern regulators? I wouldn't want a mechanism that can drop the glass down into the door because some cheap piece of plastic broke. Screw that. I would rather keep the old setup and spend a little more time adjusting the window on install.