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      UMI Front Chassis Brace - Any user feedback?

      Iíve asked this same question over at Team Chevelle too.
      Iím chasing a noise in the front of my 66 Chevelle that I can only guess is coming from chassis flex. Iíve tried everything and canít seem to get rid of the noise.

      I noticed that UMI offers a front frame brace that ties the two sway bar mounts together and Iím wondering if anyone has used one and can offer some feed back.
      There was also a more triangulated front frame brace offered by SC&C and also by a PT member. The PT member doesnít offer them for 64-67 and I understand doing business with SC&C is beyond risky at this point. Anyone have any experience with either of these braces

      1966 Chevelle, 3.6L/217 CI, 4 cam direct injected V6, 6 speed auto, full Hotchkis suspension, 4 wheel Wilwood discs, white w/red interior, cowl hood. 3260 lbs w/full tank. Built for 35 mpg. So far 32.