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      Feb 2021

      700r4 transmission problems

      I have a 1991 chevy silverado c 1500 with the 700r4 and my problem is it shifts in OD around 30 mph at normal pull out. 45 mph if your on the gas midway but i can let up on the pedal and get it to shift any were past 25 to 30 mph. It feels like a 4th shift when it goes out of 3rd but at 50 55 60 etc you can tell it its needs another shift. Its like its in drive but not OD. if you touch the brake at say 40 u can hear the converter kick in and out. Yet you can hear and feel a shift into 4th around 30 but at 55 60 needs another shift. So far i have put a new brake switch, new cable and reset it. new governor new speed sensor, and changed fluid and filter. No change with any of that. i didnt replace the tork converter sensor inside the pan because i can feel it go in and out by holding the gas pedal while touching the brake around 40 or so. How do u ck that with a test light. How can u tell or what do i do to see if its going in or out while im under the truck. What color is the power wire going to the switch? Anyway sorry for such a long post Im just trying to give you all the info so maybe you can help me with this. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks. you can also email me at [email protected]