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      Need help around Grant, MI


      I am looking at a motor and tranny located in Grant, MI for a new project I am starting and was wondering if someone who lives in or around Grant, MI could check things out for me? I live in New Orleans so driving is out of the question.

      I would set up a day and time to view the engine with the seller with the sole purpose of confirming the products are legit, nothing is fishy and that the engine/tranny appear to be in good shape.

      Any help from a fellow car lover would be greatly appreciated. Max time needed would be 15-30 minutes just to look everything over for me. If everything appears to be legit, I may fly up and close the deal in person.

      You can never be too careful. Seller says he has no problem showing the engine but does not have Paypal. Please share any other secure ways you guys use to purchase expensive items out of state.

      Thanks in advance!