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      Mar 2013
      Sunny Calif
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      BTR LS3 STG2 N/A CAM for 408 lq9 / supercharger?

      Will this cam help or hinder LQ9 408, forged everything, ARB studded top/bottom, with ported LS3 64cc heads, 9.5 compression, 10-12 lbs supercharger boost build?
      BTR LS3 stg2 N/A CAM, was in my previous 11:1 LS3 N/A build that ran great, until it didn't. (BOOM! hate powdered metal rods)
      225/238 .620"/.605" 113+3

      Better off running stock LS9 cam or?
      Car is Auto trans, 3200 stall that i will have to swap out to keep from bleeding off low rpm torque.
      10 bolt 3:73 rear gear and 26" tall tires.