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      Silly LS coil question

      I have a 2006 LS2 6.0 and have bought a Michigan motors coil relocation mounts and wiring harness kit. The coils seem to be specific to ignition ie.. 8/1 coil etc as identified by the MM harness. I have removed the coils from the motor, but still on factory mount, how do I know which side/ coils are identified?

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      Its not so much the coils but the firing order and the left right bank of coils. The coils don't matter just make sure the coils wires and left and right bank firing order is correct. All the coils are identical. Kind of like on a sbc getting the spark plug wires in the order.

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      How can I indetify which bank is whack now they are off?

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      unless i dont understand the question, the coils are all the same, and the gm coil brackets are same from bank to bank. if you were really concern for what ever reason and wanted to put them back on the correct bank, your have to look at the wiring colors and see which color belongs to what cylinder. but if you have a relocation harness and brackets it doesnt matter anymore. just remember 1357 is left bank/ bank 1 if you were standing at the back of the engine looking forward

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