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      Jun 2013
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      Heat exchanger and A/C condenser

      I am setting up the cooling system right now and keep seeing, reading and hearing different things on the location of the water-to-air heat exchanger for my supercharged LS. Some say stick with the A/C condenser up front then heat exchanger. Others are saying heat exchanger first then A/C condenser. I have a factory setup on my Trackhawk with the A/C condenser up front and the Heat exchanger behind it. Thoughts?

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      I can see the logic behind putting the heat exchanger first. That said my C&R heat exchanger came with brackets to mount the Vintage Air condenser in front of it. I think the condenser needs to be first for good AC performance.

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      I think an argument could be made to prioritize it either way. If I lived in Phoenix, the condenser would be in front for sure.


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