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    Thread: Need help

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      Need help

      Does anyone have detailed wheel specs on either of these two cars?

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      On the lower pic I would contact ridetech and see if they can give you specs on the car.
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      I can tell you just by looking at the pictures is that it is mini tubed in the rear. They look like 19s but could be 18s. They are definitely BFG Rivals, and the tire selection is pretty slim. If they are 19s...only one choice...305/30 and 275/35

      If they are 18s, either 315 or 335/30 in the rear and 275/37 in the front.

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      The 68 in the bottom picture has Forgeline wheels and according to their website the car is using 18x10's up front with 315/30's and 18x12's in the rear with 335/30's as the car sits on a roadster shop chassis. Look up Jim Marino's West Coast Marketing 1968 Chevelle and you'll find the info, I hope this helps.

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      The 70 in the top picture was built by DSE for Mo Alnassr. Check out DSE's website for info in the projects section under previous projects or give them a call.