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      Need help from people that know nurses

      Hello Everyone,

      My wife is a professor and is in the middle of a study related to Covid-19.

      She is in need of spreading the word and recruiting nurses, as this is the group of interest for this particular study. Below you will find the recruitment announcement as well as a link to sign up for the study.

      If you have nurses in your immediate or extended social network, please pass along the information. Please feel free to share the information on whatever social network platform that you use and encourage others to pass it along.

      Thank you!


      ***Please share with any nurses in your life***

      Are you a NURSE? Do you love your job? Are you stressed out?

      We want to know! Help us understand passion and stress during COVID-19 by participating in a study.

      Complete 6 short surveys over 3 weeks Surveys starting every Monday

      Click here to sign up: https://umkc.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/f...Ssfa6n1GQuWNUh

      Win $10 Amazon gift cards 120 cards will be giving away in 6 drawings; 1 entry per survey completed

      Win a $20 Amazon gift card 40 cards will be given away in 1 drawing; Eligible if all 6 surveys completed

      Questions? Contact Dr. Karen Landay at [email protected]
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