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      Apr 2011
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      Transcona, the Dirty Old XR7

      There is a neighborhood on the east side of Winnipeg called Transcona. Long renowned for where a young man could go to get experience at the hands of an older woman. A Cougar if you will.
      This is the build thread for the 1997 cougar XR7.
      This will be the best thread here for several reasons.
      1. Its a lot farther along and I may actually finish it
      2. I use a lot of pics.
      3. It is not a first gen Camaro. (Sorry I am just burnt out on them right now)
      4. Because I said so! (See my online name)
      This was never supposed to be a Cougar. The plan all along was for this to be a super-coupe. BUT, I received a Cougar from the classified ads for the sum of $450. I HAVE money, I just don't like spending it. The car has been safetied and licensed.
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