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      Dealer failed to title my car, now they are forced to buy it back

      Just as the title states,

      I bought a 70k mile 2012 Boss 302 Mustang on May 1st 2020. I fell in love with the car and got it for a sub 20K price tag. The car has HID headlights, bmr control arms, bmr springs, RTR tail panel delete, and some massive staggered 20" wheels with 305 rubber out back. The car had some signs of age in the paint but it was mechanically flawless. Within 10 days of ownership I added a MGW race spec shifter, steeda X brace, steeda jacking rails, BBX X pipe (the boss exhaust was missing baffles and it was too loud), OEM GT500 mufflers, and multiple ford parts to restore the car, it needed a seat track position sensor, battery hold down, and license plate bracket. All in all I added $2000 in parts.

      90 days passed and I never got a license plate or registration. My local AAA was no help and the dealer dodged all my inquires. I finally called a lawyer in July. Due to COVID and slow court process I opted for arbitration. The dealer has finally agreed to buy back the car and give me full reimbursement for all payments made, insurance, and aftermarket parts. My lawyer stated the arbitrators denied punitive damages. We are now asking for damages for loss of utility and storage. I have had this car in my garage the whole time, I have still made payments and kept insurance on it. I only got to enjoy it for 1200 miles, as it was my weekend car. Due to it not being titled I wasn't able to drive it all summer.

      I'm going to miss this car. It turned heads wherever I went. Really sucks this whole situation will end with just a flat refund, like this was a sweater that didn't fit and I get to return it. The dealer is paying all lawyer and arbitration fees. guess that's a win? what are your thoughts?