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      Nov 2020
      Los Angeles, California
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      Working on a new project- Stingray

      Hey guys! New to the forum, but I'm looking forward to find out new ways to modernize my 1969 Stingray.
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      Aug 2010
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      You could talk to Vette Brakes products and talk to them .They have upgrades to a C-4 type suspension .I have even seen a coil over set up in some car magazines.Just a thought.

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      Nov 2008
      Lawrenceburg, TN
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      a coil over setup we sell from ridetech is the fastest upgrade for the car, I worked at ridetech when this was in development, and this stock chassis update has proven very fast, even just this weeked the 48 hour corvette piloted by the owners were in the top of the field at Goodguys duel in scottsdale
      give me a call at the shop Suspensiongeek.com when your ready 931-231-4505 and a link to the kit ... corvette coilover kit

      hers a picture or two of the kit

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      and here is a video when the car was first released a few years back.. you can see how well the car works

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      Apr 2018
      Welcome to the forums! That looks like a fun project.

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      May 2018
      It looks like this was an ex_SCCA GT1 car. Depending on how liberal the previous owners interpretation of the rules was, it could have some good stuff under it already. Some of these guys snuck in some tricks from Guldstrand, Greenwood, etc that go well above and beyond what the stock suspension geometry is capable of. I'd be interested in seeing under it.

      That said, as with any of these builds, it depends on what you want to do, how much you want to spend and how close you want to be to the pointy end of the field. Vette Brakes is out of business, so don't even bother looking there. Van Steel, Ride Tech, and Detroit Speed are the first three that come to mind....Each with an increase in price for performance.

      I researched for over 6 months before I made my decision. I looked at all three options above. I also contacted Mike Maier's people, and several manfacturers of aftermarket chassis which use C5/6/7 components. I'd be happy to share my thoughts and findings via email. [email protected]
      Jim..Car Junkie
      1969 Vette--Big pistons, No turbo....yet
      RX7 Turbo II--No pistons. Big turbo--now in my Daughter's garage
      68 RS Z/28, '12 Boss 302, 86 911, several RX7's, 3rd gen f-bodies, fox body, and many more..(gone)