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      Sep 2004
      Metamora, Illinois

      Portland, Oregon - Looking for a mechanic/shop

      One of my kids moved to Portland, OR (Arbor Lodge area) about a year ago. As one would expect at times they need to have maintenance done on their vehicle beyond the basic oil changes, tire rotation, etc. They don't possess these skills, nor do they have the tools or a place to work on a vehicle. So far our experience in trying to find a place by asking friends in the area has only resulted in, "don't go to xxxx as they ripped me off". Getting estimates from several shops hasn't been much help either, other than identify places that are trying to talk you into unnecessary repairs. I'm not looking for the cheapest rates. I'm just looking for a reputable shop that you can trust, at a fair price and would prefer not go to a dealer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.