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      Catalytic Converters on 1st Gen Camaro (68)

      Hi guys,

      Posted this on the camaro forum also, but figured their maybe some more input here.

      Read a number of posts on the matter. I know everyone has their opinion about cats.

      In my case, I have a 350 SBC chev. It has a fitech unit on it. I have a moroso catch can that is doing a good job of removing oil from the PCV - so I have done a number of things to reduce the exhaust smell.

      Played with my AFR's. Previous owner installed a big cam in my car, so my AFR's move a little at idle - from 14 to 15 parts. Which is lean.

      My wife is a great mother, but goes in to protective overdrive with my kids. Moment any chemical smell is around, paint, cleaning chemicals, or exhaust smell - she goes totally nuts.

      Put it this way - I already installed 3 point seat belts and had kids booster seat anchor points all properly certified by an engineer - and she still complains the car has no crumple zones and is unsafe.
      That is what I am dealing with. : )

      The whole point of having the Camaro (aside from my own joy), was being able to share that with my family and kids. If they are getting out of my car, stinking of fumes any time they are near it, the wife will soon make sure the kids are not in the vicinity when my camaro is running.

      So I am now considering Catalytic convertors. My car is a cruiser, not a horsepower hero. From what I have read, the performance is little impacted anyways. I know everyone has an opinion, but my mind is made up - I am gonna try Cats.

      My question though....

      I have been looking underneath the car, trying to think of the placement, as well as heatshield options. Can't see any images in google search for cats on 1st gen camaro to help.

      My key question is about PLACEMENT though.

      At this point, best places I can see that will allow for the room, required air gap from floor pan, without impacting ride height (my car is on ridetech coilovers - I like it low), seems to be either the tunnel, or maybe up near the sump.

      Has anyone with a low ride installed Cats on a 1st gen camaro? Would love to hear.

      I have short headers (sanderson) ready to fit, which should allow for the most flexibility in making up an exhaust, just wondering if anyone can share info about their experience/success/issues.

      My biggest concern is cooking my floor pan and ride height. The right heat shield requires enough air gap though...struggling to see where I can make the install happen which will give me the clearances I need + allow me to keep it low.

      Thanks in advance.