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      *Video* 2016 GT3 RS vs. TCI's '71 Camaro #ProjectReddawn (same driver)

      We had a little after hours fun at the most recent NMCA event. Multi time National SCCA champion Tom Berry had been piloting the same 2016 GT3 RS all day. He is very acclimated to this car and is usually a contender for fastest lap of the day in it.

      The decision was made for Tom to jump in our car and take a couple laps so we grabbed the camera and filmed it. Tom has driven a few of our cars before, and honestly, I thought he had driven Reddawn before as well but Tom later corrected me and said that was his first time.


      Reddawn's race weight is 3250 lbs without driver. With Tom (maybe 180 lbs) and Sal (260 lbs) that pushes the weight near 3700 lbs.

      This car has our Pro Touring front clip and Torque Arm rear suspension. ridetech triple adjustable coilovers, 9" Currie rearend with their floater hubs, 14" Wilwood brakes, 6 piston up front, 4 piston out back and a 540whp Lingenfelter LS7.
      "Quality doesn't cost, it pays"

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