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      TMCP #441: It REALLY IS Possible! Chris Holstrom Customs Create a PROFITABLE and FUN

      Chris started Chris Holstrom Concepts in 2009 and immediately made several choices that would later become “learning experiences” he would reflect upon to change later, including naming the business after himself! At the time he planned on only having himself and one or two other people helping him but like all best laid plans that quickly ran out of control. At one point the business boasted double digit numbers of employees and over a million dollars in revenue but also showed a quarter million in losses. It was immensely rewarding and yet immensely frustrating. Each year he hopes to “grow his way out” of the problem…but each year both the plusses and the minuses just got larger in scale. He knew something had to change.

      - Check It Out! http://www.themusclecarplace.com/pod...log-cover-car/