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      Gen V LT1 - Dry Sump Swap in Grand National (Clone)

      Been working on cloning my 84 Buick Regal into a Grand National or GNX, since I have the flares. Going with a gen v LT1 (2014) dry sump engine from a 2014 Corvette... Haven't seen any yet, only LT4/5. Any advice is appreciated.

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      Work Begins... Gen V LT 1 Dry Sump

      Here's the motor, got a great deal only 16k miles for $4k

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      That is a great deal I paid 5 for a 2016 it 1 Gen v from a Camaro 21k miles. What do you need to know about the swap. My swap is in my 69 Pontiac gto

      QUOTE=trafficpe;1339792]Here's the motor, got a great deal only 16k miles for $4k

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      The dry sump will definitely present a challenge, but otherwise, Holley makes all of the swap components. You would use their LS swap parts with the special LT engine side mounts.

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