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      Sep 2014
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      Towing with a Pro Touring truck?

      Anyone tow with their pro touring truck? If so, I'd like to hear about it. Any older truck or brand but specifically, the 63-72 Chevrolet truck arm suspension would be helpful.

      I have a short bed 1965 GMC (Canadian, so it's a Chevrolet underneath) that I plan to 6.0 LS/6-speed manual swap with coilovers/c-notch (It won't be laying frame) and 4 wheel discs. So power and braking won't be an issue.

      I'm starting to get my stock frame ready for my build and am wondering about stiffening/boxing the frame in anticipation of towing as well. I'm not looking to tow much or that often. Maybe 4000 pounds at most?


      Short and wide 1965 GMC 910.