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      1967-72 Chevy/GMC Truck Door Lock Actuator Install Kit

      We have developed a new kit for installing power door locks into your 1967-72 C10 with no guess work. Like all of our other door lock actuator install kits, this one connects the actuator to the door latch via a CNC machined actuator rod instead of connecting it with a long rod and clamp to the door lock rod. The actuators are mounted to the inside of the door, behind the door panel so that there is no exposed hardware. The kit places the actuators directly below the latch and the CNC machined actuator rods connect the actuator inline with the latch so that the latch recieves the most force from the actuator.

      Included in this kit are the CNC machined actuator rods, templates for the actuator mounting holes, new door rod clips, actuator mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions with color pictures.

      Part number MI 930. See the link below.

      1967-72 Chevy/GMC Actuator Installation Kit

      This kit can be paired with our MI 700 Complete Keyless Entry Kit for years of dependable service.

      Pics below show the kit and a closeup of the Driver's side door latch with the actuator rod connected to it.
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