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    1966 Pro-Touring Chevelle project

    1966 Chevelle

    Pricing and contact info in bottom of write-up

    Hi everyone, I have a 1966 Chevelle here for sale. This car is a project that will make a very nice, very custom pro-touring car when complete. It was built and previously owned by Scott Mock in Kansas, who used to be a very active member on this forum and outstanding fabricator, he owns Chubby's Welding. The previous build thread can be found with a simple search, to see the quality of work that went into it. He abandoned the project after a blown motor, and I scooped it up. Most of the car is the same, a few changes have been made. Many custom parts on this car, from the one-off front clip that will hold up to a 335 tire, modified chassis, to the handmade dash. The paint on the car is nice, with a few chips here and there from sitting in a shop environment. Car is laser straight. The hood will need a repaint, and possibly blend into the tops of fenders. Here’s a rundown on the parts and details.

    360 Forged 3 piece wheels. 20x13 335 Michelin, 19x10 295 Yokohoma (these came off a C6ZR1
    Custom one-off front clip by Chubby’s Welding that can hold a 335. You can also run same wheels front and rear.
    Front- C6 spindles, C6 Uppers and Lowers
    C6Z06 front and rear brakes using Kore3 bracets
    DSE Rack and Pinion
    Aldan Coilovers front and rear
    ABC Perfrmance Minitubs
    ABC Performance rear frame narrowing kit (2 inches each side)
    Rear- QA1 upper control arms, ridetech lower brackets and arms, Kevlar lined R joint Rod Ends
    ridetech rear MuscleBar sway bar
    Boxed and powdercoated frame
    AC Delco power booster, corvette master cyl, Wilwood prop valve, braided lines


    Brand new forged LS2 with 0 miles. AFR 215 heads, Comp cam, Eagle Rotating assembly, all ARP bolts, Holley musclecar oil pan, Holley Sniper low rise intake and 102mm throttle body.
    Eddie Motorsports “S-Elite” front drive , complete with all accessories from AC compressor, waterpump, alternator, etc.
    T56 (from GTO). Fresh rebuild. LS7 Clutch, aftermarket shifter
    Brand new in box PSI harness specific to this motor/trans
    411 PCM with base tune already loaded
    Ford 8.8 rear 3.73 posi
    Ricks Stainless Tank with 255 EFI pump
    Griffin dual pass radiator and electric fans
    Eddie Motorsports billet front drive with all accessories
    Full Exhaust
    Speed Engineering shorty headers
    battery in rear with killswitch


    Vintage Air brand new. Brian Finch firewall bulkhead plate and fittings
    AutoMeter Ultra Lites
    Custom fabbed dash panel
    American Autowire harness
    Flaming River keyless column
    Lecarra leather wheel
    New Tanaka front seat belt harnesses
    Brand new door/rear panels and dash pad
    Billet Dash HVAC vents ($350)
    New Modified Street front seats ($695)
    New window felts
    Suede Headliner and new bows
    New armrests and door hardware
    New-in box Alien Enclosures trunk kit and decklid cover

    Paint and Body

    2012 Dodge Charger silver
    Brand new bumpers and trim
    “Spoilers by Randy” front spoiler
    Eddie Motorsports billet hood hinges
    Comes with stock inner fenders and fiberglass inner fenders (for bigger front tires).
    Octane LED headlights
    DSE wiper motor

    Needs to Finish…

    Install PCM and PSI harness
    Install Radiator, Fans
    Install Vintage Air
    Hood repaint, paint chips touched up
    Finish Dash and install gauges
    Interior install
    Stereo (if desired)
    Rear seats recovered, seats and headliner installed.
    Purchase a custom front sway bar from Speedway Engineering
    Run brake hardlines from front to rear (I have the kit)
    Install custom Kore3 rear bracket for calipers (Tobin is making those as we speak)

    [COLOR=#ff0000][B]*The car can be purchased as-is for $38k
    Minus Drivetrain for $32k
    Deduct $1500 if you don’t want the 360Forged wheels and I send the car on the set of old school Centerlines 17x9.5, 17x11 with good Sumitomo Tires that are in some of the pics.

    My # is 864-809-4385 and the car is located in Spartanburg, SC. I have a newborn baby that I’d rather spend time watching grow up, and that’s the only reason I’m selling. Priorities are priorities. I'll slowly finish it out, if it doesn't sell....but naturally the more time and money I spend, the price will go up to reflect that, and I'll update the post as I make progree. This will make every bit of a $70k when completed and be a very cool car to drive hard and enjoy. I have 4 in depth videos I can send on Facebook messenger if you are a player. Thank you for looking. Pics are the the next post...

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    Heres some pics...Name:  20200625_184043.jpeg
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    .Name:  20200801_153538.jpeg
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    I've always loved the 66 Chevelle's. This should sell quickly.

    1968 Camaro LS6, T56, Z51 brakes, 12 bolt, Speedtech, Hotchkis, DSE
    1976 T/A LS1, 6 Speed, C5 front brakes, and etc. SOLD

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    Thanks! You would think, however not a single inquiry yet.

    This forum is D.E.A.D.

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    Might get more interest when you have the title in hand.

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    True. It's just a waiting game now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Simpson View Post
    Thanks! You would think, however not a single inquiry yet.

    This forum is D.E.A.D.

    maybe they see the hitch and think it was just used for towing and shy away.
    My half a$$ed build thread.

    Tighten it till it strips & back it off a quarter turn.

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    Right? hahaha

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    The paperwork for title has been sent off for 5 weeks now. COVID has delayed all of that significantly. Once it comes back, we just have to finalize it all with an auction.

    The trailer hitch is completely functional. The builder wanted a car he could drive to the track and take everything he needed with him in a small utility trailer. Its removal with 6 bolts and youd never know it was there.

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    This is a steal, I wish I was in the market for a car.

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    The LS2 is in the car now, and I have traded the 4L80e in for a low mile GTO T56, which will now go with the car.

    All pedals, master cylinder bracket, shifter, slave cylinder, bleeder, etc will also go with the car.

    Origin ad updated to reflect this info. Name:  20200809_212639.jpeg
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    Here are some videos I made tonight for any interested buyers.



    Walk around

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    Sale Pending

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    SOLD. Thanks everyone.