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      Mar 2020
      Quote Originally Posted by Dynamic View Post
      The riv-nuts sound like a good fix for the rear sway bar . I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to use the factory sway bar setup with the 9" or not. I haven't tackled that part of the project yet.
      This was done for the front bar. The rear bar was a whole other issue as the factory one will not clear larger rear ends.

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      Feb 2021
      Ahhh... The front bar. OK, Got ya. Interesting. I misunderstood. Either way, good fix!

      I'm anxiously awaiting front spring rate reviews!

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      Mar 2020
      The front springs got a good test today, a 65mi. round trip to work & back on winding back roads.
      Ride is firm but not harsh (similar to my friends 3500HD Duramax truck... your opinions may differ as I am used to my Firebird that also runs an 800# spring.)

      I ended up taking 2 clicks off of the front shock compression from the previous best setting (was 13/18 now 11/18 clicks)
      It did not significantly change the handling, but removed a harsh feeling on choppy road surfaces.

      Tomorrow I will remove 1 more click of rebound from the rear to see how it reacts.
      I know it prefers less rebound stiffness on launch & gear changes, so fingers are crossed that it helps both issues.

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      Mar 2020
      I figured I would post some updates....
      After a summer of driving, I got a good handle on my likes/dislikes.

      The camber is a little aggressive & beating up the inside of the front tires.
      I think I'm going to reduce it a bit.

      I further reduced both shock compression & rebound a bit more for reduced harshness.
      Although it feels slightly less responsive, the ultimate cornering ability does not seem reduced.

      I still want more rear traction (in both acceleration & cornering), but it appears my only option is a race tire, but the NT05 is wearing very quickly as it is.

      The 4.10's & .65 OD is not exactly tailored for extended highway trips but it great for all around use & I can drive just about everywhere in 6th gear.
      Only at 80mph on the highway do I wish I had the .5 OD. Some planned engine mods may cause me to drop the rear gear to possibly a 3.73 in the future.

      Now for the winter changes....

      The performance is good as well as the mileage, but I cannot leave well enough alone.
      I found an LSA supercharger so why not try to add another 200hp.

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      It is proving to be rather crowded getting everything to fit under the hood.

      Saty tuned for more updates on engine mods, fuel system updates & overall fitment issues.

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      Feb 2022
      - - - Updated - - -

      Quote Originally Posted by Lonnies Performance View Post
      It took a lot of fitting to get a tire with 12.4" section width under the front.

      The 2" drop spindles allowed me to run a 1" tall ball joint for better camber gain, but still clear a wheel with over 6 backspace.
      Blazer unit bearings open up wheel choices as there is no longer a hub/dust cover protruding through the wheel.

      I also had to machine custom spacers to get the offset where it would work, even though the brakes complicated things a lot...
      Getting a wheel with a nice lip that had almost 2" of caliper clearance plus over 6" backspace was tough to find for a reasonable price.
      I would like more backspace at this point, but I only have .100" caliper to wheel clearance & was not inclined to buy a $5000 set of custom wheels.

      Currently fitting a battery box under the rear of the truck to gain room for an air box under the hood. Also moving 40lb to the rear helps an already front heavy vehicle.

      I also got my exhaust finished.... dual 3" into a single 3.5" to the rear, all hidden behind the frame so none is visible from the side or rear.
      Attachment 179531
      Wow this thing is a beauty! and that stance is amazing! I am also trying to get my blazer to be setup for pro-touring and doing things little by little! I will be reaching our for help for sure!

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      Mar 2020
      Let me know...
      I learned many things the hard way & I can steer you clear of them on your build.

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      Jul 2007
      nw phx
      im on the edge of going coil overs or not for alice. i need to re-read through your build to see your spring rates

      ...life is too short, live for today, tomorrow isn't guaranteed

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