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      1975 Camaro Bumblebee Autocross Build

      I've posted on this forum for a few months asking some general suspension questions and I feel as though it's a good time to show others here what I've been working on.

      In October of 2018 I bought a 1975 Camaro in the hopes of making a near perfect replica of bumblebee from the transformers movie. And I plan on sticking to that for the most part....but plans changed and so did my goals.

      So I'm staying true to the cosmetics of my car while also making this car capable of autocross. This in turn has caused me to make some questionable decisions that hurt the capabilities of my car....but I will march ahead haters be damned.

      Name:  2019-03-16 17.20.36.jpg
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      Thats what my car looked like before I gutted it (and about a year of owning it) Was in alright shape, rust around the rear window, terrible rattle can red. Other than that, it was pretty solid. I intended on enjoying the car and slowly making it better, but the engine started to have problems and I didn't want to dump money into something I knew I was going to get rid of.

      So at the start of the year, I tore it apart, tagged and bagged everything, and now the car sits on it's side ready for the next steps in the process

      You can view the video of the tip over here

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      [/COLOR]When everything is all said and done, I hope for it to look like this

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      Anyways, none of that is particularly special, what makes this stupid is that I'm putting in a gen V lt4 into the car with 4l75e, ford 9" and torque arm. Along with global west front suspension and proper coilover modifications to the front subframe. The biggest challenge I have faced is getting good brakes on 15" rims with how much power I'm putting in the car. And good solutions for making the tires rub in the rear because the offset on the rim is dumb.

      As of posting this, the car is on it's side as shown, I'm going to strip off the undercoating, weld on the torque arm suspension points, spray SPI epoxy, upol bedliner, and then go from there.

      I have an entire spreadsheet detailing out my plans and what I'm going to buy along with supplies, listed below is also a flow chart on the order I plan on accomplishing everything. You can view it by clicking here

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