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    Width suggestions for a rear end?

    Looking to build a 9" rear for my 67' Mustang. My plan is to put perches on it at stock width for the leaf's, but would like to narrow the housing to accommodate a wheel with a deeper lip.

    I believe stick width is 54"? Is there a certain width I should go to, or do guys just go narrow and have custom offset wheels made?

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    Buy the wheels and then measure for the rear end. Much safer way to go. I did the rear first and then got the wrong offset wheels.

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    I second that. Its much easier to get your tires&wheels first, then set in your wells and then take your inside measurement (wheel mounting surface to wms). I used a Bosch measuring laser and stringlines to find pinion center/offset. Most reputable shops will build your entire rear axle just based on those 2 measurements. Here's a pic of what I did if it helps any to give an idea. Name:  20200223_145832.jpeg
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    The OP said he is putting the perches at stock width.
    The leaf springs will dictate your available back space (or your wheel tub)
    Your fender will dictate the how wide you can go.
    Your suspension mounts dictate how narrow the rear can be made.

    this is what you need to check to figure out what you can do on your car.
    If the look of a big lip is what you are after look at wheel design to help achieve the look because the physical limitations may not allow it, two other points, narrowing a rear end to get negative wheel offset increases load on the axles and bearings, second make sure you don't miss any possible interference with other components such as brake calipers to leaf spring or edge of a wheel tub. "doing what they say can't be done"