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      Jul 2008
      milton, florida
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      Skilled metal fabricator looking to relocate

      Hello , my name is Jim Dion and i have roughly 20 plus years in metal fabrication ,I am looking to relocate out of Florida and move somewhere around Gatlinburg area or close to it , not looking to go north anywhere, lower Tennessee is farthest i will move.

      I have roughly 20 years in metal fabrication and car/truck building . I have a lot of experience in building new bodies from new parts , I have built several body jigs to build new bodies on for Broncos and Camaro?Firebird.

      I have a lot of experience in building frames for 32 fords, pro street cars and pro touring rods.

      My house is almost ready to sell and its just me and my wife to move so its not going to be real hard to relocate, she has hew own business and does Camaro/Firebird Upholstery.

      I have tons and tons of pictures on my laptop of hot rods i have built , I also build steering columns, tilt and non tilt

      My current project that's almost finished is a Nascar truck reproduction of Mike Skinners 96 silverado , built from a 99 yukon 4 door and now its a unibody truck !

      PLease pm me for more info and i will send my phone #