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    Nelson 88mm turbos, LME LS3 intake throttle body injectors intercooler price?

    I am going a different direction.
    Going sell off my RHS LS427
    -New Black billet LME valve covers.
    -New LME black billet dual throttle body, dual injector intake with Holley billet fuel rails and one set of (8) 2k injectors.
    -2 LS7 throttle bodies.
    -New in the box, Nelson Mirror turbos 88mm.
    -New On 3 performance Blow off valves.
    -New Stainless works turbo headers.
    -New On 3 performance 60 mm v band waste gate kit.
    -2 90 mount kit.
    -2 aluminum inner coolers. (were mounted on first gen camaro Auto Rad radiator support)
    -Wire harness for dual injector kit and throttle body.

    -I should included LS oil pan, it has -8an fittings for oil returns.

    What is a fair price? Any interest?

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