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    which way to go---Studs Adapters and BMW Wheels question

    I play with idea to change to bigger studs in conjuction with adpter or a spacer but not sure which was the best solution...for me.

    Car would be a 90% Street car ( 65 oLDS with BMW 4,73"--120mm bolt pattern wheels) with only a few laps here in Germany in the year at the track -but maybe with some semi slicks in the future.

    At the rear - SOLUTION 1. - corrected the bolt pattern but use the stock studs from the axle flange

    7/16-20" --->
    1" thick custom billet Adapterplate which convert from GM(120,65) to BMW (120) pattern ---> and the BMW Wheels bolt to adater with M12x1,5 or M 14 x1,5 Bolts or Studs

    At the rear - SOLUTION 2. - use the stock GM bolt pattern but with thick studs

    Long 1/2" Studs ARP/Moroso --->
    1" thick spacer ---> bolt the BMW Wheels with lug nuts ( maybe exended version?)

    I read this about the Adapter -which convert the bolt pattern

    They MUST be double hub centric. Meaning the spacer centric on the hub and the wheel centric on the spacer

    Is this correct?