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      Dec 2019

      What do you think about this Car/Build?

      Im in the Market for a 69 Charger Restomod/Pro Touring car right now. (Got a seperate Thread for that)
      I found this one:

      While this is not 100% what im looking for its still close enough to be interesting.
      But since i am no Car Builder i am having a hard time to judge over the build and price.

      I want to use the car as a daily driver in the Summer. (well mainly on the Weekends but should be possible to daily drive)
      I want to do Stop and go City Driving as well as long distance driving on the german Autobahn @ at least 110 or better 120mph.
      (I live in germany)

      What do you think about this car?
      Is this a good build?
      Is this a fair price? isnt it pretty low given its sold by a dealer? is there a catch?

      Rear differential is a posi-trac with what we believe are 3.91 gears. While the sis not the best highway gearing the current owner has certainly cruised down the highway at 70 mph when needed but this set up is really geared up for some amazing stop light to stop light fun and cruising.

      Is this a serious issue (because i want to drive 110mph or faster) or can this be addressed
      by changing the gear ratio and installing a GV Overdrive?
      But even if will the cooling and other components hold up at those speeds?

      Also i dont like THIS (particular) blower.
      Is this even a supercharger? i dont see a belt or anything.
      Can you remove that? how much power would you loose if you do?
      Or would it (if not) be at least possible to install something that looks good like this?

      Also the seller promises you can remove that roll cage if you want.
      I would want to remove it. That would be pretty important for me.

      I have some basic knowledge and what i read like
      - Disk Brakes front and Back
      - 605 Hemi with 750hp
      - Upgraded Suspension/Handling
      Sounds pretty good of course but as i am not an expert/car builder i decided to ask here first.

      Im not seriously interested in the car at this point.
      But if it should be good, i would look into this further and may purchase it.