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      Dec 2019
      The Chevelle Auction ended today without one single bid which surprised me.
      Is there a catch or does really nobody want that car?

      I contacted the seller and asked what he wants for it.
      The OBO Price he responded seems pretty fair to me so i really think about if i should maybe buy it.
      I would still have a lot of budget for improvements left.

      As far as i see i would have to:
      - Add Gear Vendors Overdrive
      - Change Stall/Torque Converter
      - Change Gear Ratio
      - Upgrade Water and Oil Cooling
      - Change Wheels and Tires
      - Add AC (well thats not needed of course but i would want it)

      To daily drive and drive 120mph for longer periods of time.
      But that should be it, right?

      Of course thats still some work but i guess nothing compared to upgrade a Factory Equipped car?
      Other than that the only downside seems to be that it is no 69 charger.
      But Chevelles also look cool and this one i think is as nice as a 71-72 chevelle gets.

      Really difficult decision.
      But maybe someone has something to say that makes it easier for me?


      I just looked at the chevelle description and recipts pictures again.
      It looks like the mentioned Global West "Suspension" Upgrades cost just 1500$ and aren't very extensive.
      Also it seems that only the front brakes have been upgraded to disks.

      Well its still an interesting car because of the phenomenal condition and the zz572 Engine.
      But as much as i like the pros of the car i think i should pass anyway.
      Because there are a lot of cons (work and money needed to suit MY needs) too.
      I think its better for someone who wants the car exactly the way it is.
      And finally its not a Charger too.

      Thanks again for your detailed answer.
      Well i think you would have to upgrade the cooling anyway, also for "just" 120mph.
      But its good to know about those overheating problems in normal traffic.
      At the end i cant afford a daytona anyway. But i dont know if i would buy one
      (if i had the money) at todays prices. Im not sure if a fancy charger is really worth that much.
      The Racing Version is of course another Story.

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      Nov 2016
      Sulphur, La
      Looked like a nice car but a bolt-on type car with an old school engine is not near as popular as something with a modern drive train and as such the market does not bear big money.

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      Dec 2010
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      i think for longer 120 mph use, you should go with a not so tall rear gear.
      And stay away from older style big block engines, they are prone to overheat.
      And they will, because it is a lot of metal and the cooling systems are...old style.
      My second thought is the frame and brakes. If you do 120mph+ for longer time, you will not feel save. Not to mention the seats, aeros and suspension.
      Been there, done that....

      For your kind of money, you should really look for a nice protouring car with good brakes, at least 19"wheels with modern tires, good shocks and in a best case an aftermarket frame from AME, Schwartz, Roadstershop or Speedtech.....
      And then a modern engine, 500hp are no problem, no H-Zulassung, and best drivable parts.
      And most important : have fun !!
      There are lots of nice musclecars, not only Chargers...

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      Dec 2019
      Quote Originally Posted by Autobahn-Outlaw View Post
      And stay away from older style big block engines, they are prone to overheat.
      And they will, because it is a lot of metal and the cooling systems are...old style.
      I want an Oldschool Drive Train. No modern engine.
      But i know i will have to upgrade cooling.

      Otherwise i agree with you for the most part.
      But i have already seen cars with a modern engine and H Zulassung. But i do not want that anyway.

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      Apr 2010
      Jersey Shore
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      You should be looking at a car that is more “pro-touring” than the cars in the links. Cruising a muscle car similar to the Chevelle or Charger you posted at 100+mph will not be fun, or going to last long, or going to be safe. Slapping disc brakes and a gear vendor OD is not going to give you what you want. I think you’d be better off buying one of the many killer cars in the for sale section, and if you must, pull the modern motor and build an old school motor with a modern valvetrain, modern head port designs and a modern cam profile.

      In all seriousness, a muscle car that checks off everything on your list and does them reasonably well is going to be a car that was designed and built as a whole.
      '69 Corvette
      '55 Chevy Hardtop
      AutoWorks Middletown, NJ
      @autoworksnj for corvette and shop car pics

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