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    Cant see Pictures in New Thread

    I'm sure this has been discussed a million times, but I dont know how to get my Photos to show up in a new thread. I'm putting the HTML in the Post but the pictures dont show up, only the HTML. Is this not how it is done, sorry for my lack of knowledge.

    What am I doing wrong?

    <a href=' fz9gu7URH2z40fjp237Q?key=UEhwc1JVYUdhTC02VklHNndYS zUzdEFpd2Q0R1Fn&'><img src=' BJhnbczYVbfOC9wAYxGWFKjUQHazmpf0AiH9_pwZoY5sCBcdfY 44jXBRatuzpi9vtOzyP-ehf5N2wrxTA1dkHUJw=w2400' /></a>

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    For security reasons HTML code is not allowed. You will need to use BB Code or the sites own image upload feature.

    Does Google Photos have a BB Code output option?
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