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    Looking for 1969 Dodge Charger with 500rwhp


    Im mainly looking for a Stock 1969 Dodge Charger RT with B5 exterior | B7 interior | Automatic | Buddy Seat (might also consider Console Cars).
    But im also (highly) interested in a nice Restomod/Pro Touring Car which is why i thought to also look around here.

    Looking for at least around 500rwhp.
    Open to any color combinations.
    Car must look Stock. No Rollcages, Aftermarket Seats, Aftermarket Gauges and the like.
    Should technically be mostly "peroid correct" so no Modern Engines, Computers, Fuel Injection and the like. (Im not a big fan of those things)
    But modern/upgraded Suspension, GV Overdrive and Disk Brakes would be nice for example.
    Car needs to be capable for long distance driving and autobahn driving @ at least 110mph or better 120mph.
    (Therefore it has to handel and stop well too, of course.)
    Should have an Automatic Transmission as it will be my daily driver in the Summer.
    Of course has NOT to be a factory RT.
    Maybe also interested in a General Lee if it meets the requirements above.

    My Budget is about 60000$.
    But that Number is not written in Stone and depends on the individual Car (+/-)
    But Please be realistic, thanks.

    Important Information
    I am located in Germany, so i cant look at Cars in the United States in Person.
    I already dealt with / (US Site) in the past and will do again this time.
    So when you offer me a Car, i will send an Expert from Berlin Motors to look at it.
    They will Inform me about the Condition of the Car, and if it is good also buy it in my Name.
    Just to let you know.
    I am no Car Dealer or something, just a Privat Mopar Enthusiast from Germany who will Love and Garage his new Toy.