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    Custom Automatic Transmission Shifter Cable Source

    Hey guys,
    We are building a 76 F150 and installed a Gen 3 Coyote and 10R80. We are going to use the factory style floor shifter from a Mustang GT but, we are needing to get a slightly longer shifter cable. The Mustang cable is @ 39" total length.
    We have thought about the floor shifter cable from a late model F150, online, they appear to be a longer cable. The dealers and online suppliers I have contacted can't get me an exact measurement.
    If those cables don't work, I am then going to need to have a cable built.
    Do any of you know of cable builders that have the factory style transmission and shifter ends? These are the style that have a nylon bushing that pops over a stud.
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    These guys have a huge selection of cables and parts.

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