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      Nov 2019

      07 dodge charger 5.7 hemi

      Hello, i am very early into the 1st stage of my first build. I am going to build the engine than decide in the vehicle i will put it in. I have someone who is willing to trade me his 07 dodge charger hemi for my 07 hummer h3. I would only do this so that i could pull the engine from the charger and swap it i to early model charger, challenger or even pontiac trans am. Would a 07 5.7 hemi be a good motor to use to create a high horsepower build or should i stick with a 350 small block or 454 big block like i was originally planning? Any advice would be great. Or if you could recommend a good engine im not aware of id appreciate that as well. I love mopar but other than the 360 magnum im not to familiar with the differnt engines they have.