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    What comes first, the chicken or the egg?

    I've noticed while, cruising the Disk brake and Wheel forums, that I see a problem.
    If I'm looking at a certain brake system, to install on my Nova, I'm told to print a brake caliper clearance template.
    This is of NO value, because I don't have the wheels, nor can I see the wheels locally. If I buy the wheels, then I am limited
    in my brake choices. Is it my understanding that I'm going to buy one wheel, with custom offset, then use the template? If I find that the wheel doesn't work, I'm going to attempt to return the custom wheel? Looks like I'm being pushed into an off the shelf wheel that is easy to return. Choose another brake system and print another template?
    Every time someone asks if a certain wheel clears a certain brake system, no one knows. Wheel manufactures don't know, brake manufacturers don't know, retailers don't know, installers don't know and end users are using half inch spacers.
    So spend the money, pay the freight, fight for a refund, pay the freight again and be happy.
    Looks like I'm buying small brakes and the wheels I want. Do I have the process for this correct or is it my misunderstanding of whats going on here?
    You have to take into account that I live in the back woods of Michigan and no one has a Nova with anything other than skinnys up front and drag radials in the back. Nova's are only for the drag strip, heaven forbid if one could actually handle decently on the street like a modern car. The ones around here can't even park at a cruise without rolling the front tire over.

    This is getting very expensive?