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    Running software apps on a display screen

    Building street rod (56 Chevy Panel) and would like to have a decent sized display screen with some of the functionality that we have in newer cars. Would I be able to run Android Auto (specifically for Google Maps) and XM radio? I might also like to access HVAC controls via Restomod Air's bluetooth app.

    So some questions to get started. Is Android Auto proprietary and applicable to a specific vehicle or can anyone run it? I assume an external XM receiver would be necessary but how would one interface with it to display controls?

    I'm sure I would need a "smart" device of some kind - what would you suggest? Obviously it would need to be bluetooth capable. Maybe all of this is not easily done with non-oem hardware/software.
    A lot of questions but a place to start - I tried a keyword search to get some ideas but I guess I wasn't using the right ones. When it comes to electronics I'm a novice at best.
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    If the restomod air has a bt app, you may be better off just using an iPad or android variant tablet. Hook up to a 4G hotspot and have access to google maps, SiruisXM app, etc... use an external audio converter to extract your music and push to an amp and speakers. I ran a similar setup off an iPhone and it worked excellent
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    Easiest way is to get an iPad or android tablet as well as any sony head unit. Sony head units have an app that can be used by iPad or android. You can hide the head unit in a glove box or trunk and just have the iPad or tablet control everything. Radio, hvac, etc. if you are planning to have an LS you can even have it display guages via a WiFi obd2 port. There are free gauge apps which you can be download and use with the obd2.

    the Sony head units also has Bluetooth hands free calling all of which can be used and controlled via their app