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      Jan 2014
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      Anyone running Infinity Box....

      .....or was that a passing trend of a few years ago?

      I'm going to be rewiring my '64 Corvette project this winter, and the architecture and trouble shooting capabilities of the Infinity Box have me intrigued, even though its probably overkill for my basic setup.

      Besides the basic power requirements of the car, I'm going to be running:

      Holley Sniper EFI w/ Hyperspark distributor and Ignition box
      Electric fan
      Electric fuel pump
      DSE Headlight motors
      DSE Wiper motor

      The big appeal to me is the ability to mount the Master Cell in the storage compartment behind the seat, then run the single CAN cable to a Power Cell in the rear of the car to control lights, fuel pump, etc and another Power Cell tucked under the dash in the factory fuse panel location to control everything in the dash and forward of the firewall. With the ECU for the Snper being integral to the throttle body, it should make for a relatively clean installation.

      I've read the big drawbacks to the system are the cost, and battery drain when the car is sitting....but I have a battery cutoff switch that I use when I park the car regardless.

      I'm still in the initial planning stage of the electrical retrofit, and looking for input.

      1972 C20 Suburban
      1964 Corvette Coupe