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      Neutral Safety Switch

      For my 68 Chevelle, Painless Performance has a direct wiring harness replacement which includes all the modern conveniences. I also have a TCI Diablo shifter that has the neutral safety switch built in so the car won't start if it's not in neutral or Park. In the wiring harness I have two wires that are fed into a single connector. The shifter has two separate pins. I'm assuming I will need to cut the single connector off and install two new connectors and plug it into the shifter? Does it matter which connector connects to which pin on the shifter?

      Thanks in advance!!

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      Did you ever work this out? I have the same setup as I am rewiring my Camaro to include the backup lights.

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      Usually on the painless harnesses if you have two purple 12awg wires in a single plug they are for the clutch/neutral safety switch. The car won’t start unless the two are jumped together or hooked up to the switch. Be aware that some aftermarket shifters with built in Neutral safety switches are designed to only handle ~1A to operate a relay to cut the starter. It will say in the shifter instructions or sometimes the current rating is on the switch
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