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    WTB Restomod 67-69 Firebird - LS preferred

    Hey folks; longtime lurker, first time poster. I posted a similar request at a similar sight but I知 trying to get as much exposure as possible.

    I知 in the market for a LS swapped firebird in the 67-69 year range; 69 preferred for personal preference but not critical. Car specific wants are manual over auto, actual metal roof, not vinyl.

    If y誕ll come across any in local craigslist, shows, or word-of-mouth, or even online i might have overlooked, i壇 appreciate if you can pass the info on to me. I知 not in an immediate rush, but the few that post on classic car sales sites have deposits down and are purchased within days of posting it seems.

    I知 looking for a car that i can be be dailyish driven but also worked on as i upgrade or change things. An example(ish) of what I知 looking for sold at Mecum Las Vegas recently (Lot F159 if inclined to look up). It was 69 Firebird, body was rust free with decent paint, LS 3 swapped in, had C5 brakes and spindles, Dakota Gauges but otherwise original interior. Sold for 36k. Something about the basic sleepers look that i like. Basically a strong base to start from if i wanted to customize interior or suspension later.

    Car needs to be running. Price range preferred is 35$-50$ thousand. Car would be shipped to SW US, but I知 open to vehicles anywhere in the States.

    I could be convinced to consider other LS swapped car in the same era, but my preference is the Firebird.

    Much appreciated

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    rickpaw is selling his in the for sale section.

    New Project: 1968 Camaro LS6, T56, Z51 brakes, 12 bolt

    1976 T/A LS1, 6 Speed, C5 front brakes, and etc. SOLD

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    If you are still looking, I listed mine recently in the for sale section. 1969 Firebird, NA LS3 and T56
    1969 Firebird LS3/T56

    Build Thread:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dantigan View Post
    If you are still looking, I listed mine recently in the for sale section. 1969 Firebird, NA LS3 and T56
    And it's a really sweet ride. Hope it goes to a good home.
    Red Forman: "The Mustang's front end is problematic; get yourself a Firebird."

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    I have a friend that has a killer white firebird convertible with everything you're asking for, but it's an old 400/200r4 drivetrain. You your daily drive this car all year if ya wanted. He just logged 1000 miles with it a few weeks ago taking it to Daytona beach.

    If interested, text me and I can put you in contact.